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Moisturising Gloves by Dermrelief

Dermrelief Moisture Gloves are a new, innovative, product that retain moisture while maintaining breathability to help:

  • Improve the appearance and texture of skin
  • Soothe dry, cracked or inflamed skin
  • Reduce the cost of expensive moisturiser or topical creams
  • Reduce mess or stains on clothes, bedding or furniture from moisturising or topical creams

Dermrelief Moisture Gloves are made from a high-quality polyethylene (plastic) film that is manufactured in the USA and used in the medical industry, for its non-stick properties, as the wound facing part of band-aids & low-adherent gauze pads.

When used with your moisturising or topical creams, the medical grade polyethylene film retains moisture while the micro holes in the material allow air to circulate, which cools your skin and helps your skin to breath.

Benefits of Dermrelief Moisture Gloves