Dermititas Relief Gloves

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dermrelief products are safe, non-allergenic and suitable for people of all ages and skin types.

Dermrelief Moisture Gloves are made from a high quality polyethylene film, that is manufactured in the USA and normally used in the medical industry as the wound facing part of bandages & low-adherent gauze pads.

Due to the fragile nature of the material required for the gloves, small tears will occur in the material or seams of gloves due to friction or movement when putting on gloves or during normal use.

These tears will not reduce the moisture retention benefits of the gloves, particularly if worn with cotton gloves.

However, please note, if the tear is extensive (more than 4 cm), we recommend replacing your Dermrelief Moisture Gloves with a new pair.

No. Dermrelief Moisture Gloves are for single use only. After use, please discard and replace.

No. Although the material is used in the medical industry, Dermrelief Moisture Gloves are not listed as a medical device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and can’t be used over broken skin.

No. Dermrelief Moisture Gloves  are not listed as a medical device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and cannot be used for the treatment of specific illness or diseases.

Please always consult your doctor or pharmacist in relation to a skin condition or treatment.

Yes, Dermrelief Moisture Gloves  can be used to complement the majority of skin care & dermatological treatments, including topical creams.

No. Wet Wrapping is a specialised technique used by people with specific needs for extensive emollient therapy. In this type of treatment patients have large amounts of emollient applied to the skin and then covered with a damp dressing.

Dermrelief Moisture Gloves  can be used once the Eczema flare-up has subsided and the Wet Wrapping discontinued.

Dermrelief Moisture Gloves  may also be an option prior to moving on to Wet Wrapping and may reduce the need for more severe and time consuming treatments.

The glove material is a medical grade polyethylene film, which is made in the USA and very difficult to manufacture.